Have you been affected by cancer? I can help support you

Have you recently been diagnosed with cancer?

It can be difficult to know how you think and feel after being diagnosed with cancer. You may worry that talking to friends and family will upset them or perhaps you haven’t been able to be open with your family at all. You may feel that you aren’t being given many choices about your care and treatment, that much is being decided for you. It can work wonders to have a supportive space to talk openly and confidentially about how YOU feel about cancer and discover the power of your choices around your illness.

Has your treatment ended but life hasn’t returned to being ‘normal’?

Your treatment has ended, everyone around you is pleased and their lives have returned to normal but for you everything is forever changed. Life hasn’t returned to how it was before cancer but with no idea how to move forward, you are left feeling ‘stuck’. Perhaps you are still living with the affects of treatment or surgery. I am here to support you through these difficult times in your life, to help you find the answers you are searching for and experience increased peace, meaning and acceptance.

Are you struggling with a loved one’s cancer diagnosis?

It can be a very difficult time when a loved one has cancer. You may feel scared and shocked, perhaps you worry about how to talk to your loved one without upsetting them. You may be caring for you partner, spouse, parent or child through their illness and that has changed your relationship. There can be a lot of stress on your shoulders trying to manage care needs, appointments, children and work commitments. It can be extremely helpful to have a place to be really listened to and heard. I can help you build self-esteem and confidence in yourself and your ability to manage the challenges you are facing.