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Sometimes anxiety is triggered by a specific event but if anxiety has begun to get in the way of life it can seem as if there is no logic behind your thoughts, feelings and symptoms, making it hard to cope with and understand. Everyday tasks and interactions can feel really difficult, both mentally and physically, often meaning that we avoid doing things we would normally do and things we want to be doing. 

I can provide you with a safe and calm space where we can explore your experience of anxiety together. Working through your thoughts, feelings and behaviours I can help you to build confidence in yourself, as well as developing strategies to help you manage the symptoms of anxiety.


You might feel as if you are swimming with all your strength but still feel you are only just keeping your head above water. Friends and family don’t seem to understand how you really feel and you may be becoming frustrated hearing how much better you will feel if you just get up and do something. 

You have tried a few things to help but nothing seems to work and you are starting to wonder if you will ever feel motivated or happy again. You are not alone, I am here to help you move forward.

Communication & Relationships

When we have a bad experience such as bullying or difficult relationships, we can find ourselves stuck with particular emotions, and associated thought patterns and behaviours. Maybe you have found yourself stuck with feelings and thoughts about family, friends or work colleagues and instead you would like to build deep connections. It is not possible to change other people but I can help you take charge of your own feelings and thoughts, to recognise and interrupt unhelpful thought patterns and try a new way of being. There are ways of communicating that increase the chance of positive outcomes such as being listened to and understood. Let me show you how! 


It can be difficult to know how to manage when work situations have led us to unmanageable levels of stress. Perhaps you have too much of a workload, have been made redundant or received a poor performance review. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed, irritable or frustrated, having difficulty making decisions, concentrating or procrastinating.

Stress at work can build up to such an extent that you may be feeling physically and emotionally under attack.  It can be extremely helpful to have a safe place to share what you are experiencing. I can help you build self-esteem and confidence in yourself and your ability to manage the challenges you are facing at work.

Online & Telephone Counselling

Online and telephone therapy is just as effective as face-to-face counselling whilst at the same time it removes some barriers such as travelling. Making counselling more accessible either because of time constraints or perhaps physical, logistical or childcare reasons. Even if you are local to my Westbourne office but your circumstances prevent you from coming in to a face-to-face session, online or telephone services may be a good fit for you.