Ashleigh Dunford-Bishop Counselling

Top 3 myths about counselling – debunked!

1 ) Counselling is only for people with serious mental health issues

.This is the myth I hear the most! Many people believe that in order to benefit from seeing a counsellor you need to have a mental health diagnosis. In reality, this far from true much like we would see a doctor for physical issues, from major concerns to routine care, the same can and does apply to mental health and well-being. Life can be really tough sometimes even if there isn’t anything ‘major’ happening. Counsellors are trained to help you with everyday life, from anxiety and depression, relationship problems, stress, grief, loss… the list is endless. Whatever matters to you, matters to your counsellor

2 ) Counselling is all about the past and childhood experiences.

Counselling is not about the past! Instead, it will be tailored to your unique needs. Do you want to explore your past experiences and relationships? If and how they continue to impact you? That’s what we will do. Do you want to focus on the present, set goals and plan for the future? That’s what we will do. Whatever your desired outcome, counselling has many approaches to help you achieve them. Counselling is not just endless talking about the past and childhood experiences

3 ) I have tried counselling before and it’s not for me. 

Sometimes in life, we meet new people and they are just ‘not our cup of tea’ and that is okay. The same applies to your counsellor, we are all very different. Your counsellor being able to build a rapport with you is the best indicator for the success of the work you will do together, so it is important you find the right fit for you. That is why an initial session is so valuable, it is a little taster session. With the right counsellor, the uniqueness of a therapeutic relationship, with trust, respect and working towards a common goal together, real change is possible.